Can't join my own GMod Dedicated server? D:

Hi people of Facepunch, I seem to have hit a wall and don’t really know where to start looking to fix it. I have tried Google and numerous sites, but I can’t seem to determine an answer to my question. I decided to ask you guys since you know what you are doing. :slight_smile: So here is the dilemma:

I set up my own dedicated server in Garry’s Mod, and it even shows up on the Garry’s Mod server list and my friend can join it and mess in it without a hitch. However, when I try to join my own server, it claims “Server is not responding” and I haven’t the slightest on how to be able to join it myself or make it to where I can join it.

Question: Why can’t I join my own dedicated server (when friends can) and how can I resolve this issue?

Thanks! :smiley:

P.S. Does it have anything to do with my IP address possibly being alike to the server?

Try connecting to your local IP rather than dedicated IP.

How might I go about doing that?

Go to

Put connect <ip> in console. If you opened the ports right, you will be able to connect like a regular player(Like you are somewhere else in the world.) Otherwise, you didn’t do somthin’right.

Here’s my weird story:
For the first four or five times I launched my dedicated, Friends could join, and so could I. (I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t the admin, and if anyone has advice on that please help.) The real problem is that I can no longer join my own server. I tried local IP, dedicated IP, and even my internal IP. I’m completely lost. Oh, and I also can’t join off of server list.

You are never able to connect to your own dedicated IP if you host on the same network. Use your local ip (Ctrl+R -> cmd -> ipconfig) First person to connect on local ip gets admin (correct me if i am wrong)

But back on topic
There are a million reason why you can’t connect to servers on the server list. Unless it also doesn’t work for games like CSS, HL2DM, TF2 i suggest reinstalling garry’s mod (Remove the garrysmod folder from steam/steamapps (and backup your save’s maby some addons then start garry’s mod and try joining a server on the server list)

@wilderbeast That ip is external/dedicated

Depends on the person’s network. On mine, I can connect from my local & Dedicated IP.

If you read the OP that’s what he was trying…