Can't join or create servers

I stopped playing gmod for a few weeks and now that I went back to it, when I try to join a server I get the “Account used elsewhere” error but deleting clientregistry.blob does nothing (I tried it twice.)

When I try to create a server, I double click a map or hit start game and it just closes the server options window and stays at the menu.

Basically I can’t play the game… even trying to load a map through the console doesn’t work.

Delete ClientRegistery.blob into “Program Files/Steam/”


You already tried.
Then I don’t know.

Like I said I tried that but it did nothing.

I am having exactly the same problem, and deleting ClientRegistry.blob didn’t accomplish anything for me either. Restarting Steam also did not resolve my problem.

Log out and log back into Steam. (Not restarting)