Can't join other Garrys Mod servers

I got garrys mod like probly a month ago and i have tried to get on servers but every time i try i get a message that the server isnt responding or if i do manage to connect its extremely laggy or i time out my internet connection is fine and i tried to even turn my firewall out PLZ HELP I WANNA NUKE MA FRIENDS O_O

you probally have a cracked Gmod version, put up a screenshot of the error and your steam games, just to prove it ain’t a cracked steam. (I ask because it sounds like cracked gmod problems.)

Lol how is that a symptom of a hacked game? Sounds like a PC performance or networking issue, or he’s joining shit servers.

Does that happen in other games?

Already asked that.

If he got into a legit server, then he isn’t using cracked GMod. It’s probably just a network issue.