Can't join servers!

So, when I try to join on a gmod server, it freezes on the sending client info.
I’ve tried reinstalling and verifying cache integrity. The weird thing is that everybody else of my friends can join it. Also I’ve noticed that I can join servers if I don’t have the “Download all custom files” On (but the game is unplayable).



Have the same problem here, every time i join a server or play singleplayer, my game crashes while sending client info… (Or the last thing you get on singleplayer, i think Initializing game data)

Please HELP! (.)


I fixed it now, i renamed my gmod folder in steamapps…
Its very fast now, i recommend you do the same, you can copy the data folders, some addons, you should actually download them again because updates can screw them up…
Just try it, if you want, you can delete the new folder and rename your old gmod folder back to garrysmod.

Plok the reason it is much faster now, is because Garry’s Mod made brand new files for everything. But it could have been a problem with 1 of your addons. Try each addon 1 by 1 to found out which one is the problem.

yeah I fixed it. I redownloaded and deleted everything. Thanks :smiley:


OOOkkaayy, so the situation is like this:

I figured out that the problem is maps.
When I add maps (Download them from the internet my game crashes. The problem is probably in the server cause other servers work fine now. I had to download the maps from the net cause when I download them from your server (when joining) They are corrupt and The game ccan’t crc it. (they are like 2kb big).

that’s the situation