Can't join this server... (BMRF)

So last night I was playing on BMRF and I randomly crashed (had the bug where I couldn’t place stuff down, I relogged and when I went to take out the wall it crashed my game) and ever since that I’ve had some lots of trouble joining the BMRF server…

Here’s a video of it, read the text on the video for some details.

Been doing this for 2 days, ONLY ON THE BMRF SERVER (other servers work) might have something to do with the whitelisted crap, I’ve tried everything, validating rust, switching dev branch, etc. Read up on it and I haven’t heard of anybody else having this problem, but its really annoying… When I hit escape it brings me to that respawn screen but I can’t click anything and sometimes I don’t even get a cursor, food bar is a different color etc. (I also get that respawn screen when I’m alive, when I finally got it to work I was alive) I’ve had my buddy kill me the first time it happened, thought my sleeper was bugged or something, didn’t fix it.

Any ideas? I’ve gave up now, before it took me about 5 minutes to login (hitting escape randomly after I figured the world had loaded, randomly worked…) but now it just doesn’t work at all, returns me to the menu screen every time.

I do not know for certain how the BMRF server is configured but ideally a whitelisted server means that if your IP is not entered into the list by an administrator you can not connect. This is used to combat cheaters and non trusted sources. Try e-mailing the server administrator if possible.

Whitelist means that you have to be specifically allowed to join that server, that’s why you can’t connect.

I’ve been able to connect to the server for the past few days, not had any problems since I crashed… their system requires you to log onto their website with steam and it’ll whitelist you, its pretty simple.

It’s not that easy of a fix -.-

Then talk to the owners of BMRF?