Can't join to my dedicated server

Me and my friends can’t connect to my dedicated gmod server.
This started happening after september (09.11.15) update.

My server start .bat file

Server starts without any problems.

Also when i am trying to connect to my server via gmod console this happens:

27000-27020 ports are open
I can connect to my server only using LAN

P.S. Before september update anyone could join my server


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Port forward 27000 - 27030 instead. ( or fix your ports being used )

Server is using 27015 27005 27020 ports. 27020-27030 are open and didnt helped
I changed default ports in gmod/server and that didnt helped too.

Well from the warnings, it looks like port 27015 is either already in use or isn’t open. Make sure that the srcds.exe is added as an exception in the Windows Firewall and that you opened up 27015 for both TCP & UDP in the router’s firewall.

Do you have another game server running on this machine? If so, it could be using port 27015 in which case you have to use a different port.

You could also try to see if specifying the port in the bootup line helps (ex: -port 27015)

EDIT: You can also add the port at the end of the IP when inputting the connect command in console. In your case it would be: connect or connect

Ports 27000-27030 are open.
Server uses 27015, 27016, 27020
And i also tried to add -port 27015 in the bootup line. that didnt helped.
I’ve tried many different ‘connect’ commands and that also didnt helped me. :smiley:
P.S. I never actually seen this line when i was connecting to the server after last update (or i just dont remmember it)

That’s a strange line to get in the in-game console. The only other things that I could think of trying are:
Remove the sv_lan 0 parameter and see what happens
Put the sv_lan 0 in the server.cfg file instead.
Use the -ip parameter (ex: -ip or -ip

If you feel that you’ve tried every possibility, try reinstalling the gmod server files.

Worse case scenario is that your ISP started blocking certain types of inbound traffic to prevent people from hosting servers.

I tried to remove sv_lan and use ‘-ip’ parameters. Still doesnt work.
And when i startup my server with -ip parameter i get engine error


Nah… I dont think so. I tried to call them and they say that they didnt do such thing :confused:

If it’s a dedicated server hosted on your PC (As it seems to be), you’re not supposed to connect to the public IP, but you should connect to the server from the “Local Network” thing-a-ling

I can connect to my server via LAN.
Previously I was able to join my server with my public IP address.
P.S. None of my friends can join right now now.

Go to and compare the IP you see there to the one you get in your server console.

Because that looks a lot like a Hamachi IP, which you can’t join unless you are running Hamachi and have someone with that IP in your “friends” or whatever it’s called.

IPs fully match.
Just deleted all LAN emulators and restarted my PC still doesnt help

Can you join the server via the internal IP or
If yes, something ( a firewall ) is blocking external connections
If no, your IP configuration is wrong.

Yes, I can.
But gmod console gives me this

I tried to disable my firewall and its still doesnt work.
What besides firewall and ISP can block connections?

The router one, or any one you have installed on your PC, including antiviruses which come with one, etc.

I dont think it’s the router firewall blocking this, because i wasn’t doing anything to my router’s settings before this started. I tried to disable my antivirus and that didn’t helped too.

Here is log of my gmod console when im using bat file with another ports

Can my non-static IP be the problem?

Port forward works with internal IP so it’s gotta be the same, unless you have a shitload of ports forwarded to numerous internal IPs…

So I think thats it. I will close this thread now.