Can't jump with Spidermod

I just downloaded spidermod and I can’t jump or wall-climb. If I no-clip and am falling, and can shoot webs, though. And I can jump before I equip it in weapons menu, but if I get it, die, and respawn it will not work. Please help! I want to swing around gm_bigcity!

Could you post a link to the mod? I never heard of it.

there is the whole thread

Whoops, I didn’t catch that.

Did you perhaps try entering these in console?
* Always On Mode (opmAlwaysOn)
* Choice Mode (opmChoice)
* SWEP Mode (opmSWEP)
* Team Mode (opmTeam)

I also notice there’s a patch for it, did you try downloading that?

umm, yeah I think so let me check.


ok I think I already got that but let me try again


still not working


Okay whatever I just deleted.