Can't Kill

Ok, So I have Gmod DarkRP on my server, We can pick up guns buy cannot kill people with them.

1.I am using DarkRP 2.3.5
2.Player to Player damage is on 1
3. I belive godmode is off.

Well thats it. I hope someone can help.



Sbox_godmode 0 Sbox_Plpdamge 1 / maybe the guns do 0 dmg try the normal Hl2 guns.

Yes. And Yes.

The only “weapon” that works is the Stun Stick

Umm… Did You Rightclick Before Shooting?
Second. Use CSS REALISTIC Weapons And Try It.
Thrid. If All Else Fails. GET DARKRP SVN


-Help Me Too If You Want VISIT -

Um that didnt help. Sorry.