Can't launch the game in single player mode?

Currently i cannot launch the game in single player, when i launch it crashes at the end of the loading, leaving behind a crashlog.

I have 566 addons installed, including TDMCars, FA:S 2 weapons, all addons of SligWolf, etc. etc.

What can i do to fix this problem? I tried to filter the addons, and deleting some unnecessary ones, but that still doesnt work. If i disable all addons in-game, restart the game then it launches the map. Then when i enable addons back its not working again. How can i fix it? Any suggestions? I can link the crashlog or console logs if needed.

Please. I need help :frowning:

Edit: Also i want to mention i can enter other people’s servers. I only can’t host my own server or play single player.

There’s your problem.

I’m also subscribed to all of your addons too :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, having so many addons can cause this problem? Why? Isn’t there any other fix? Is there an addon limit?

While I don’t think there is a specific hard-coded limit as to the number of addons someone can have installed, it’s generally understood that having more addons will add strain to the game as they are mounted and their scripts and content loaded and run by the game.

Also, of the addons you have, there could be any number of which that are broken, conflict, or are generally to blame for not being able to run the game. When you multiply that by nearly x600, there is bound to be failure.

The advice is the same for any game you’d be potentially modifying; use a reasonable number of addons that you’d actually potentially use while playing in singleplayer, and unsubscribe to those you aren’t actually going to use at the time. There is no legitimate reason to have so many addons installed when most of them were probably “ooh this looks cooool,” gawking for a few minutes at a model or dupe, and moving on.

Well in GMod i usually screw around, try to build some stuff and use my addons. Like drive vehicles on huge maps or shoot randomly etc… So yeah i sometimes download addons gawking like that and mostly (everytime) keep them to “enrichen my gmod experience”. Im strange like that.

So then i need to filter my addons and get rid of unused ones, right?
Before it did this it was working without any lag. One thing that it freezes for about 1 min after launching the game, but its not too important.

I like keeping so much addons, because i spent most of the time in game with them. If crashlog or console log can help fixing the problem, or the addons making problems, can you help me find which addon it is?