Can't launch the game

for some reason it doesnt launch the game for me when I press “play game”, absolutely nothing happens. Anyone have had the same problem? (Yes, reinstalled, restarted etc. already)

experienced before with a bad update. it fixed itself after another update. i have no clue how else this would need to be fixed :confused:

That doesn’t sound too good… :smiley:

it doesnt, but it seems the game updates doesnt run out simultanously, so you have a big chance of getting one very soon like alot of people are experiencing atm.

Well i’m hoping that new update fixes this, it sounds pretty stupid that my game won’t start because of bad update where other peoples can play hehe :slight_smile:

well dont hold me on my words, i dotn have proof of this, i can only tell u what my experience was, altho it was exactly the same as you. i clicked play and just nothing. maybe some very clever guy can tell u the fix for this but the best shot so far is wait for another update to fix it. i dont think it should last long