Can't load a pointfile?

I’m making a Left 4 Dead 2 map and I need to load the point file for it. When I click Load Pointfile, it brings up a prompt and I don’t have a pointfile stored on my computer. It won’t let me generate one either.

I think Pointfiles are only generated if you have a hole in your map.
What do you need to load the pointfile for?

The point file is only for finding where something leaks out of the map. If you don’t have one, no leaks.

Trying to help fix NAV Errors, since trying to fix them as the wiki says is not working.

Pointfiles don’t have anything to do with NAV errors.

If you want to fix NAV errors, you would have to fix them in-game.

You sure you don’t need a PortalFile instead? That’s the one that displays visleaves.