Cant load a saved game on spacebuild 3

Hello !

I want to know why i can’t load a game with spacebuild 3 on singleplayer.

Im just playing, do some solar panel, I save and then i load the game, the entities from spacebuild and life support 3 dont work anymore ! I have to spawn new and re-construct every thing again :frowning:

Did there is a solution for save on spacebuild gamemode ?

Thank you ! And sorry for my bad English.

I never was able to load a save game on GMod anyways. You could use advanced duplicator instead.

Well, I can load save game if is not use SP3 or LS3.

Im gonna test with the adv duplicator. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Ok, the adv dup work but is not pratical at all :frowning: