Can't load Map because of too many props?

Well, I’ve been playing around with the original Half-Life 2 Maps in Gmod lately, and started to turn the second coast level into a really nice forest/ cliffside type of thing, looked absolutely gorgeous imo, even better than that Fake Factory thing. The problem is, that the game crashed lately and now Gmod refuses to load that damn savegame.
I guess its because of the huge amount of props (mostly trees, rocks etc.) I spawned on the map, however, Gmod just tells me that the game refuses to connect to the server, which is strange, because it was only a singleplayer map…now, I’d really like to continue working on that savegame, so has anyone any suggestions on how to fix the limited props thing? I’ve already tried the " sbox_maxprops xxx " command with the console, - didn’t help :frowning:
Thanks Guys!
Regards, BMBuilder

don’t sign posts, it’s a forum, not a letter to your Grandma, it may be a corrupt save…

Probably a corrupt save like sphinxa279 said. Also, what I do when I am working on somthing that is kind of important to me or I spent a lot of time on, I save 2 or 3 different save games of it, just to know I will have the file in 2 or 3 more times incase somthing happens to one of them.