Cant load rust have tried every thing

when i launch rust it starts loading gets to “Easyanticheat loaded” then just shuts down if i run as administrator it tell me the rust hast stopped responding and then shuts down at the same spot on the loading screen pleas help really wana play but i cant. I am running windows 10 and my computer is above and beyond the recommended specs for the game

Made an account to jump in on this. I am having the exact same issue. As soon as it says Easyanticheat Loaded it just turns off.

If you’re using a headset can you try unplugging and then launching Rust. Or swap your audio device to speakers instead of headphones.

Try Run DX9 mode.

neither worked still cant play

Have you tried verifying the Rust files through steam

so disabling all my sounds devices lets me launch rust but now i can not play with sound still kind of sucks have no sound when i enable my speakers or headset in the playback device tab

Have you tried setting your audio in steam?

Try delete
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\cfg\client.cfg

didn’t fix the problem

Seems that this problems is on windows 10 users only. Maybe devs have some time in future to look into it. My suggestion is that reinstall to windows 7 :cool:

Then current driver for your sound card has problems working on Win10

I want to know what the specs are for this “above and beyond recommended specs” PC are…