Cant load the game

Hi Devs ect ect

There was a update last night and since i cant not load the game into the servers i have build un, empty servers (that i dont have build on) is no problem to log in to, its startet last night with a update, since that, i could not log in to the EU Central Sleeper server, i was adviced to play on another server…I DID this morning, using 5 hours to set up a secure home, log off and was happy of the days hard work. just wanted to log in again and BUUUUUUUM! cannot load the FUCKING screen! WTF…This time it was on the server UK - United Kingdom - English Only (Hosted by PlayRust.EU)

I know its alpha and all, but i have been paying 60 +vat to get the same treatment like everyone else…the problem is, there is a small group on the servers, that everytime they build something, they cant log in again…FIX IT RANT!!!



First Go into the F1 console type grass.on false, if your capable of getting to the options menu then turn down the graphics, the only way to solve this, is to get a better computer with higher processing speed, and memory. There’s no option that allows you to change these settings outside the game yet.
Best wait for it to come out on steam, either way, the servers will be wiped again, and everyone will start from scratch, its alpha what do you expect?

Dude, read what im typing!

Smek, try just letting it sit for a bit and see if it loads. I waited 2 minutes once and it loaded up. Try Patience!

Got the same problem exatly… have tryed reinstal unity and webroser… nafing works sucks… sry bad english

what about waiting for half a hour :slight_smile: belive me…im a 38 year old man, not an inpatience kid :slight_smile:

Oh my jebus. Same issue for the past two days :frowning: (UK English only)