Can't Log-In Steam

I dont know where else to ask help, i already asked the seam forums but their answers didnt help

everytime i log-in it says cant connect to steam servers or sometimes having trouble to connect to steam servers…

i have 1mb internet speed and everything is fast like downloading…

but cant log in to seam.


Windows XP SP2 1 GB ram
Intel Pentium Dual CPU
E220 @ 2.20 GHz

Try deleting clientregistry.blob

i did nothing happens

Can you give me more info on the problem?

I had a problem like this before, delete clientregistry.blob but boot in “Safe Mode with Networking” and run steam on there because steam services do tend to not like certain drivers / programs etc.

You should try to submit a ticket in steam support.

Firewall problem?

Might be disabling mine didnt help as it still had conflicting services… best way to solve that is boot in safe mode with networking…