Cant log in with Steam.

Hello !

First, i’m french so sorry for my bad english…

I just bought Garry’s Mod and i want to download some skins or other but when i want to log through steam, nothing happen.
I have tried with Opera, Chrome, IE and firefox but it the same.

Can you help me ? thanks !

add Corrynzlolz to your friends if you want to see if i have the game or search " Le concombre noobiste" in the community. thx !

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Same Problem here from Germany so i think it has problems with the log-in

and all we can do is wait for it to fix :rolleyes:

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I think it may have to do with the new update to the site. It switched to OpenID Only.

well it seems to be solved now, atleast for me

I’m having a problem with, whenever I click on the huge blue letters telling me to log into steam, it just keeps on loading nonstop… after a half-hour later, it was still loading

I can login now !

It loads, but now I don’t get the freaking code in my email to log in… I go to that steam support page, do what it says… NOTHING

Disable the steam guard and log in