Cant loggin to this server. please help i need to play.


ive been playing in this server the past days. [FR]NEW Necros PvP (no gift).
today i was playing fine and suddenly i got this lag then DC.
after that i kept trying to log in and it either logs me in and then DC me. or i cant login where the screen freezes in either Waiting for server/Waiting for character.
i kept trying to enter now for hours.
my friends from his house is playing in the server freely and other people are also playing freely.
any idea how to fix this problem ?!?!?!
when i press F1 i see those errors: Conditions still not met:ServerManagment… and one another similar error when it freezes on (Waiting for character)
please tell me how to fix this problem.
i tried to relog uninstall and everything. nothing works. i even couldn’t find the server in the server lists. =(

Best Regards

I’m having similar issues. I bought the game a few days ago and I’ve been able to play for about 2 or 3 minutes.

I have a late 2013 15" Macbook Pro Retina running Mavericks. I got the Iris Pro Graphics.

I can see servers, and when I try to connect, the game starts loading, but freezes in random spots. Loading Rust Island, Loading Character and sometimes it will even load but everything is black and I can see the item slots, but no items in them.

Normally I would ask for some sort of refund, but I think this game has a lot of potential and 20 is the least I can do to ensure that it eventually gets up and running. Great work Facepunch

They are working on fixing some of these type of issues according to their Project page on Trello.


ur problem is diff bro, i can join any other servers. but i cant join the server i was playing on :slight_smile:

I as well have this problem. All of my friends were playing on a server i could connect to the other day. Yesterday they were playing again and I could not connect. I continue to get the 4 line red text failed to connect error. I have tried many different things including reinstalling Rust and nothing works :(.

At least I am not the only one having this problem.

I too am having the exact same problem. After the server dc’d a few hours ago, I have not been able to load in since (however, all of my other buddies can). I also get stuck at the loading character step of the loading screen. I can login and play on all of the other servers but not my home one… If anyone has any advice whatsoever I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance,

Dittio ,same here

Some of our clan members are having the same issues. Can join other community servers but not our server.

Screenshot -

UPDATE - two of our clan members can now join using a VPN.

Does anyone know a fix?

ok so managing to log onto these servers… after trying and trying and trying… glitches and bad textures all over the place…

This problem is rampant. I’ve looked everywhere trying to find a fix. From my own research it appears to be an issue in the games C#, and also seems to be machine dependent; probably because there’s something installed outside the install dir that needs to be cleared. Havent found it yet.

Steam is getting Ddosed