Cant Login, account does not exist.

Hey, so my account apparently doesnt exist now, I got into rust by signing up on the free weekend and now it doesnt exist?
My username “” does not exist anymore.

Did I get removed or something?

signed up on the free weekend?

Your account got deleted because you made it on a free weekend where you make an account and keep that account for that week its free weekend

No, I’ve had the account for about 2 months now. Its only just been removed from me.

Did you use 000000 key? cause I think those got removed? Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

No, I used a fully LEGIT key to sign up and I signed up in 100% LEGIT circumstances.

hey bro I heard you liked LEGIT so I put LEGIT on your LEGIT so you can be LEGIT while you’re LEGIT

It might be more helpful to PM a moderator on the forums, then somebody would be able to tell if you had a legit key or not. Don’t take my word for it but it’s worth a shot, better than asking a whole community, but yeah a free weekend generally is just a free weekend