Cant login to disguss? anyone else experiencing this?

  • I cant login to disguss in! I dont know why?
    Im using IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) and I cant see the “post” or “login” button on the disguss box, Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

That happens on IE8 for some odd reason. Try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I recommend chrome.

Try using a browser that isn’t shit.

There’s your problem

Totally. IE9 WILL BE TEH 1337 WINZORZ THOUGH!!!1!!11!0NE!!

I recommend firefox due to its large amount of libraries and extensions. Don’t use chrome. No addon support and doesn’t even support flash 10.1 fully. That’s ridiculous

I am disgusted by this thread.

I use chrome and have both 10.1 and addons.

If you’re going to criticize a browser, at least know it’s current feature set.

On topic, try refreshing the page, or switching IE into compatibility mode. Internet Explorer is a major browser so should be supported by Disqus.

Must you whine about everything?