Can't login to!

I’ve been trying for about a month and nobody has given any help, trying lots of different ways to login in but I just can’t read on if your actually interested in helping.

So when I put my details it just says incorrect login and it’s really dragging me back now. I would like to upload some maps but I can’t. On my old PC I could but on my new one I can’t login. I’ve unchecked steam guard I’ve checked all my google chrome settings.

Send me a message at or post something

Thanks for reading and hope you can help. :slight_smile:

Log in through steam -> Enter Steam account details.

Seems you are having issues with entering the password. Check capslock

I have tried logging in through steam and that’s where the problem is.

It says incorrect login but I think it may be to do with my new PC. Probably some protection somewhere blocking it but I don’t know where. Any suggestions?