Can't login to Rust account, lost password

When the website got thrown up and anyone was allowed to register and DL the game, I made an account with my main e-mail and a junk password I intended to change later. I never actually had a chance to grab the game due to personal events, and obviously I have no idea what my password is. Who would be the appropriate employee/mod to contact to have my password reset (or given to me, whatever is more appropriate :v:). No info appears to be on the site for changing account info.

Yeah, you can’t change it yourself as of right now.
Maybe you can get in touch with a mod, best of luck to you :slight_smile:


i have the same problem, it sucks so hard, nothing you can really do… the mods just ignore you when you’re asking for help :frowning:

The mods can’t do anything either, stop whining and go play some other games. (TF2, Terraria, Watch Starbounds Development posts, DayZ etc etc etc.)

they can give me a new key :3 hehe

The mods have clearly stated they are not giving out keys, and people with common sense are rarely seen around the Facepunch (Rust) section anymore. Lurk around some more and come back when you have gained some sense to use.

Learn 2 sarcasm

Learn 2 butthurt :v: