Can't login "User not found"

Hey, few months ago I was playing Rust without any problems, for long time I didn’t have time for that but yesterday it all changed. When I tried to login (I’m pretty sure I used good email/password) it said that email is incorrect or user is not found. When I tried to recover my password it said that this account don’t exist… I tried with both my email adresses.
What should I do?

Nothing. Rebuy it.

Old inactive accounts were wiped clean. (free accounts only [though not like the accounts were being sold by facepunch back then])

Eh , so no way to get it back without buying a key ? So bad I have no spare money right now. Wanted to play Rust again so bad :expressionless:

All of the free alpha key accounts that hadn’t been used in over a month were removed. If you lost yours, time to hit the buy page.

Thank you for direct link. Unfortunatelly for some time I won’t be able to click “Buy” button : | have fun ingame! Maybe in the future we’ll be able to meet there ; )