Can't Login

Every time I try to log in through the actual Steam website, it takes me back to and it says, “Faield to log in.” And yes, it actually says “Faield.” Someone please help

Do you have a legal Gmod copy?

Yes, I do.

Did you purchase it on steam, that would be a better question to ask?

Technically it wouldn’t be a better question to ask since if being asked if it’s a legal copy it’d mean he bought it off of steam(And that you can’t buy it any where else). If he didn’t then he would have pirated it.

I’ve seen some people assume pirated copies are legal… it seemed a better choice of wording.

Yes, I did buy it on Steam. Check my Steam games list by clicking on my ID under my avatar if you want.

Does no one have an answer or solution to this?

hello guys i want help
im banned from the
i think because i uploaded wiremod to the website
pls unbann me!
or send me a private message

Hey dumbass how about creating your own thread before posting an idiotic reply on someone else’s?

good point

@OP - Make sure your steam profile is set to public, if that doesn’t work then go to and log in and then immediately go to and log in if it hasn’t automatically logged you in. Because login is based on steam login, it’ll just simply log you in.

Edit - @Mad Dog - You’re not going to get unbanned. You broke the rules and you’re paying the price.

Thanks for replying but my profile is already public. And I tried logging into steam, both client and website, then went to and I’m not logged in. And when I try to, it takes me to a page that says “Faield to log in” every time.

If you’re using firefox, try it in IE8. if you’re using IE8, try firefox, and if you’re using anything else then that’s your problem.

Maybe instead of bursting out your rudeness on a clearly new member, you tell him how to make a new thread? It’s obvious he doesn’t know how.

I am using firefox, so I tried using IE. Didn’t fix the problem. This might be a problem only happening to me. Thanks anyways for all the replies.

Log in on steam’s website and then immediately go over to, it should log you in automatically but if it does, click the login and it will skip the login process if you have a legal copy of gmod because it uses the same login as steam does.

I do EXACTLY that. I log into the steam website then go to It does NOT log me in. So, I click on Sign in through Steam and it says “Faield to log in.” And I DO own a legal copy of gmod.

i.e. Bought it through Steam

Try it on a different computer, if it works on there, the problem is with your computer or browser, if it doesn’t then the problem is with your steam account.

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