Can't loot animals (Smashing the animals for meat,fat,...)

So after I killed an animal, sometimes the game doesn’t let me loot him and that’s so freaking frustrating.
It’s so strange cause even my durability of my tool doesn’t decrease either.
I never see other people complaning about this glitch or maby it’s just my game or my computer???

I’ve had it happen. Sometimes when they roll away from where they were killed it happens.

This is a huge issue. Sometimes you can’t loot them at all while other times it works if you hit them in specific spots. I think client is desynced from server because when I was playing with friend, he saw the body at a different spot than where I did.

Happens to me when animals roll… so I’ve just learned to finish the kill on flat, level, terrain. But itisjuly brings up a good point:

I wonder if you were to start at the kill spot and follow the path that the animal rolled, smashing all along the way, would it be possible to find the actual corpse to loot resources? Rather than just hitting the empty ground where client-side ‘thinks’ the corpse is, maybe we can find where the server-side ‘knows’ the corpse is… something for me to play around with later i guess.

I can confirm this works.
What doesn’t work unfortunately is the Linux client.

Yes. The problem is not random. It happens only when a corpse rolls too far. I’ve learned to just make sure I kill on level ground.

This happens to player corpses that slide too far as well. A fix (for both) is to log out and log back in. I use the word “fix” lightly though as that’s not always a safe option.

Pretty sure this is the issue. It’s also happened to me as well as with actual players.

Just be careful you aren’t being hunted…you’ll get shot in the back while you’re looking for the invisible corpse.

Ok so only kill the animal on a flat level?
Thx :smile:

You still complaining about Linux? I’m sure they are working hard at it stop saying it in every thread you reply to…

It doesn’t always happen, infact most of the time it doesn’t.

Nope, I was with a friend who was able to harvest the corpse when it was a different location and unharvestable for me. Hitting where he was just hit the floor.