Can't Loot Issue/Stuck In Limbo

I’ve had this problem for quite awhile now, and about 2 months ago there was a thread on this but there wasn’t any helpful tips or any kind of fix to it.

So pretty much the issue is that once i play for about 10 minutes my character for my buddies just suddenly stands there and does nothing. But for me I’m actually walking around and what not. This happens about every 5-10 minutes then goes back to normal then proceeds to derp. So of course when i try to loot it won’t even go into the menu, same thing when trying to kill an enemy. This gets me killed multiple times.

People have been saying it’s a connection problem, but i have a very stable connection and this only happens in this game. Maybe it’s a hardware problem, or rather a software? I have no idea. Plus i get no dropped frames at all, runs perfectly, especially when i put the command “grass.on false” on.

Note: Happened in the browser version too. Tried Reinstalling. Switched back to normal mode from Dev and of course there was no difference.

TL;DR : Stuck in Limbo, character frozen for everybody else, can’t loot.

Any helpful advice?

I think it might be hardware/drivers. I’ve got a cpl of nephews that have the game. Live in the same house, same connection but different spec’d machines and one of them gets exactly the problem you describe.

I should probably go and have a look but… well… works fine for me :wink:

Well aren’t you a lucky one! lol.

If that’s the case for you and your nephews then I bet it’s a hardware problem. We’ll see, the devs will find something out.


No real info other than this;