Can't loot items

Ever since the game crashed and I got a blue screen I can’t loot any items on any server.

Reinstalled Rust with same issues.
Tried with different Username in Windows still same issues.
Reinstalled windows 7 professional and still same issues.

So can’t seem to figure out what could be causing this and any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Intel Core i7 3.07ghz
GTX 690
24 gig ram
windows is on a seperate SSD, and rust with steam is installed to a raided set of raptors.


look here:
and here:

Do you have the same problems?


It’s a similar problem, but about 30seconds or 45 seconds into the game it switches to night time regardless of what the true time on the server is.

At that point I can’t switch weapons and if I change the resolution from 1920x1080 to anything less it won’t go to night, but then I have the similar issues others were speaking of.

I’ve used other computers with the same router and had no issues, and didn’t have issues with the game until it reset.

Sorry couldn’t find my post using the search options =/