Can't make a spray in single player

It’s just as the thread title says: I can’t use a spray in single player. That is to say, when I face a surface and press the spray button, I hear the spray noise, but nothing else happens.

Sprays work perfectly in multiplayer, though.

I have Wire, Gcombat+GCX, CAF, ADV Duplicator, hoverboard and spacebuild installed, along with PHX and the spacebuild model pack. Also some weaponry.

r_decals 1024 in cfg/config.cfg

There was no r_decals 1024 in the config.cfg file, so I added one.
Nothing happened.

Sprays are for multiplayer; need I say more?

You see, Mr Donovan, I need the sprays in single player so that I can make a spray to the ground so I see what direction I should make some contraptions face when making them, for you see, some of them require them to face the direction sprays face due to the ball sockets that they have.

Just draw an arrow on the ground with the rope tool or the paint tool


You can only have one copy of your spray on a map at any one time anyway

Just use a HUD that has a built in compass, that way there is no need for a spray.

Shogun: Ok. Done.
Guess that settles that problem.

Problem over!