Can't modifie options ?


Since the patch, I can’t modifie my options like the awesome level or my controls, which make the game unplayable…
The “Apply” bouton don’t appear, am I the only one ? Do you have some tips to change them ?


Try going to a full window or full screen - I believe the option to save appears then.

Thank’s but it don’t work :frowning:

Nobody had the same issue ?

Just can’t modifie :frowning:

Try going on larger window,then clicking on options and remember to click Apply or Save.If you can’t do that in larger window,try other browsers

It don’t change anything, other browser or larger window…

Nobody is in the same case ?


Yes me. But it work when i try lot of manip with Tab or windows flag or change resolution, always work for me

I’m having this issue as well - settings don’t save when I close the Options menu, and I need to turn the graphics down to play. Can anyone help, please?