Can't move and can barely look around due to context menu

I opened the context menu and now I can’t do anything other than point my cursor around. The game isn’t frozen, I can look around with the cursor a little, click around with the bodygroup tool and the ambient sounds are playing like normal but I’ve tried everything. This is in singleplayer so it’s not a connection issue.

Did you rebind the default key to open the menu? What happens when you press the key again?

Nothing, and the worst part is I can’t rebind since I can’t click on any part of the menu, and on top of that I didn’t have the ~ key bound to my console yet either. After some more searching, it seems like there’s no way to work around that fact.

Guess I have to restart the game and lose those few hours. But thanks for the suggestion.

Did you click on a text box? If so you have to click elsewhere and press the button for the contex menu again.

Thanks so much, you’ve just saved me a seriously frustrating few hours of work. I was about to uninstall GMod already, after only re-installing the game yesterday but I figured I’d give this a shot even though I don’t remember clicking any text box. I double clicked on to a text box then clicked on the menu again and it worked, much to my surprise. Glad I checked the thread, thanks again.