Can't move

I just bought GMOD today. While in a multiplayer game, I saw the players floating around everywhere, so I asked someone how to do that. So they said while in console commands type “unbindall” so I did, and now I can’t move. WHAT DO I DO?

First, if you’re new to the game, never-ever take advice from people in a random server. If you absolutely have to, type “help <command>” in the console first to see a description of what it does. What that command did was erase all your binds. You have to remind everything under “Options -> Keyboard” now.

Those people were probably using no-clip. In the same menu I mentioned above, bind a key to “No-Clip Mode” (by default, it is bound to “v”, I think).

hahaha oh WOW.
You’ve seriously never heard what “binding” means for source games?

Don’t take advice from anybody if you’re new, including him, or even me. Who knows what he could be trying to do to you?