Can't Noclip

Every time I try to noclip, this is what it says in the server console. (DarkRP)

ServerLog: "Sweepyoface <STEAM_0:0:40617949> Attempted to switch noclip

It works when I do !noclip with ulx, though.

Also, how do I disable the group prefix before my name? When I type it says [Superadmin] Sweepyoface

You probably have conflicting admin mods if you’re running both ulx and fadmin.

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That really doesn’t help me at all… on other servers it works fine!

Still need a fix for this…

I myself had this problem too. If this problem is still occuring, try typing in console “FAdmin setnoclip <in-game name here> 1” Without quotation marks of course.

try bind v "ulx noclip . If that doesnt work its probably because you are running ULX and FADMIN although I do too and I dont get this problem ?

you have to go into console and do “fadmin setroot YOURNAME”
that allows you to noclip on both admin mods