cant open q menu

if i join certain servers i cant open my menu.

this is a big problem for me and i have no idea how to fix it. its happend to me 5 times in a row after renstalling.

if anyone can link me somewhere to help me or tell me how to would be lovely.


Certain gamemodes have the Q-menu disabled. Make sure you are on a sandbox gamemode.

yes i am in a sandbox game mode.
this doesnt happen in just one server it happends in about 20 different servers.

thanks for trying to help :v:,

So only on certain servers? Try cleaning Gmod or asking the server owners.

Also, we know who you are, you don’t need to sign your post.

i talked to the server owner its me not the server everyone on it can open there menu.
i already cleaned gmod 2 times it didnt work
what ever i just go my server up and running so i guess ill just play on that instead of joining my friends
oh ok,
blair :v:

alright a guy joined my server and he cant open his menu. he is a good friend so i would like to know how to fix this problem

Hmm, first check if the key is binded to the menu.
(I’ve seen some people that havent had it binded to the menu!)
Although i am not sure about what you mean by someone joined your server and cant open his menu.
Are you using [L]Sandbox mode?
Is it dedicated?

I hope you can get it fixed, as there is not much to do without that menu :smiley:

ive ran it on both sandbox and darkrp and he cant open it.
im on a listen server that i run from my home.
yes he came from another server and it worked perfectly fine.

If it’s a listen server, then your GMod affects his, let say you have a bad addon, when he joins, he will download it and can be affected. Can you list all your addons?

nocolide world
darkrp (if your wondering why this is on my server its so people can get money to pay for admin,respected,ect)
gmod plus
space models
huge vehical pack.

maps(if it matters):

also i deleted all my files and renstalled my gmod and just added all of those.

Possible culprit, the no colide world addon.
I recall my friend once having something of the similiar, and he experienced very confusing effects, much as you are doing now.
As is, it may possibly not be no colide world, but then it helped my friend when he removed it.

Hope you fix it,

Whoa, thank you dude, I reinstalled my server 7 times because of this :smiley: