Cant open Rust?!?

Rust has been playing fine, more or less, sense i purchased the game in the beginning of this year. Just today though, I went to start the game today, I chose experimental (which i just rented a server for), got to the configuration window. When I click play, the window expands and immediately closes =(. I have verified my game cache, restarted my computer and so forth and i am completely up to date. The next step I am trying is to uninstall and re-install the the game

has anyone had a similar issue or know how to fix this?

I would like to mention that last night, before I left for the night, there was a strange server bug occurring. I was playing with two other members of my gaming community. everything was going well until one of my buddies randomly died from nothing. we had a house build and sleeping bags, so we didn’t think it would be a big deal. That is, until he chose to spawn on his sleeping bag. He spawned in a random location; however, there was a sleeper with his name laying on his sleeping bag. We confirmed that he was physically in another location and would kill the clone. When the close died, all 3 of our games crashed but nobody else on the server was effected. This happened a few times, in fact, at one point there were three clones on the sleeping bag. I stopped playing because it was late and i was tired of the crashes. then when I tried to open rust today, it closes as it opens.

The initial re-installation is almost complete. IF this does not fix the issue, what else can I try to fix this issue?


re-installing the game fixed the issue on my side

ok thanks

I reported it to the ‘Bug Reports’

Just have to wait it out until they read the post and work on a fix for it

Reinstall works until you update it to the Beta Experimental, same result if you just ‘OPT Out’ of the Beta and go normal Experimental

Several patches have been released, issue not resolved, but it actually starts the game but crashes just before the games menu

Same here on imac

reinstall doesn’t work on mac.

For those that experiencing crashing? Are you running a 32-bit OS? I’ve been using 32bit and the game worked perfectly fine before the new switch update, but now I also crash upon starting.