Can't pass "Requesting server info" ......

Whenever I try and join a server, I get to the “requesting server info” on the loading bar, and everything freezes up. if I open task manager, it says hl2.exe is running, but it isn’t working.

This is preventing me from playing anything besides single player…

Help please.

Tried leaving it for 10 minutes to see if anything happens?

Yes. I’ve exited steam. Tried different servers. Restarted garry’s mod over 20 times now.

Can anyone help?

I am unable to play games…

Over half of garrysmod hasn’t played multiplayer. Quit your bitchin’ yo.

System Specs & Addons Installed

I took a shit inside the my computer case.

It’s fixed.

I bet it smells like roses inside your computer.

I hope you didnt do this with your shit.

Tulips actually.