Can't pick up anything in singleplayer

i have this odd glitch that i cant pick up anything. the gravity gun still works but its annoying that i can’t use the physgun and i can’t pick up npcs or props with the physgun too? I want to know how to fix this any suggestions?

Probably some module or addon. Have you tried a clean garrys mod?

Also make sure you don’t have limited phys gun checked, though that might not matter for single player.

Module what do u mean by that?
well i do have tons of addons but im kinda getting used it by not picking up npc
and i fixed the physgun and it lifts up props just one of my addon screw it up
but i usually kill npcs for my amusment with gibmod

A module is a .dll file that goes in your garry’s mod include/module folder. If you haven’t downloaded one then it’s not that.

Does the toybox feature work for you? And yes, this is a necessary question.

My recommendation due to the fact that you have so many addons. Save all your addons on a folder on your desktop. Go to steam, and just reinstall the whole game. By doing that, I’m sure you’ll be able to fix it. If not, I would contact Steam/Garry.

hmm ok then