Can't pick up Mad Cow Weapons

I made one mad cow weapon script so the gun dealer could sell it, but when I spawn it in as a gun dealer you can’t pick up the gun.


AddCustomShipment(“Auto Glock”, {
model = “models/weapons/w_pist_glock18.mdl”,
entity = “weapon_glock18”,
price = 215,
amount = 10,
seperate = true,
pricesep = 215,
noship = true,
allowed = {TEAM_GUN}

Anyone know what my problem is?

The problem is your playing DarkRP

My weapons are fucked. It could explode your computer if you use them.

While it’s true the Mad Cows pack has been broken for well over a year and a half and only managed to survive through quick, hacky fixes that broke with every Garry’s Mod update, someone made this recent fix which is probably where he got the weapons working again in the first place:

OP, your problem is the weapon is not weapon_glock18. It is weapon_mad_glock.

Good luck!

Yeah, you forgot to use mad cow’s weapon entities.