Can't pick up/use guns in DarkRP SVN

I’m hosting my own dedicated server on RP_Downtown_V2 and when ever you buy a gun/drop it it just becomes frozen in the air and cant be picked up.You can buy shipments but when you use them it just freezes the model in mid air. I’ve looked at other posts and did what they said i installed the counter-strike part for my server.My server is the console version. And on a side note how can you set custom spawns?

You probably haven’t installed counter strike fully, or you have it in the wrong locations. Take the cstrike folder and put it into the orange box folder.

ok thanks but now i cant use guns from the gun machine i can move them but it says ther disconnected players prop

disable gun licenses

How do i disable gun licences sorry bit of a noob

If its dark RP just press f4, go on the admin tab and find the command and untick the box, it should have a description next to the command.


found out it wasnt the gun licences it was css