Can't place doors?

I’ve had the same exact thing happen on two seperate servers, one modded, the other official Facepunch Washington. I have a rather large base built in a cave and all is good on the top level, however the bottom levels I can’t place doors. I can build frames, foundations, walls, place objects, but can’t place ANY doors. The door just stays red and never turns blue. Anybody else experienced this?

I’ve tried switching and even making a new building plan which someone suggested… no luck.


Same here.

At the top of my cave base, no problems. At the bottom, can’t do it.

And this is on a server with stability turned off too!

Good to hear someone else has the same problem and I’m not crazy, I swore just the other day I could make them. I think the new stability fix broke the doors in caves.

Good news… stop building in cave and play the game as it is supposed to be play.

Now that buildings can be destroyed in caves, what’s the harm in building in them? I don’t get your “play the game as it is supposed to be played” comment…

is the bug in cave that building can only be destroyed by C4 is solve… if so sorry my bad… But I was thinking that you still can’t demolish anything in cave…