cant place small furnace on foundations since update

any one else having this issue??

yep, i know large furnaces cant be placed on foundation but i didn’t see anything mentioned about small ones.


Hopefully not intentional. :wavey:

Can we get a confirmation if this is intentional or not?

This is pretty game-breaking. If it’s intentional I need to know now so I can build my base based on that aspect.

Assuming there was no word of it in the blog though, I doubt it is.

My guess is that this is unintentional. This would not only break the game horribly, but throw the balance off completely on any server that didn’t wipe with the update.

they are aware of issues placing some items on foundations and are working to patch it according to a reddit post, not intentional.

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RustUpdates ‏@RustUpdates · 2m2 minutes ago
Fixed some deployables that should be placeable on foundations being unplaceable - @andererandre (/main)

The bug is there. It is not possible to place Large/Small Box and Furnace anywhere except from stairs.
This has to be fixed soon, the last fix on deplyables did not help.

Just lol… fundamentals guys, come on…

That’s not true about the large ones, they can be placed on 2x2 foundations. Small ones work if you leave one field open instead of placing a foundation.

Small furnaces and large/small boxes should be able to be placed inside buildings in random floors. This is not working as it is supposed to.

Why has the twitter said that this was fixed but it’s been almost 3 hours and still no patch deployment?

I lost all of my shit waiting to make a fucking codelock. Game is at unplayable state.

They have announced that they will be hotfixing it.

If you’re watching the Rustafied stream you would know that there were some larger bugs introduced in the hotfix so they are trying to repair those.

Clearly the world is ending. Everyone should freak out and start jumping to conclusions. Also, don’t forget to make wild accusations.


It’s GAME BREAKING!!! Everything is game breaking. :slight_smile: