Can't play a few CSS maps (yes, I have the textures)

Recently, I have gotten a hold of the Counter-Strike Source textures and maps for Garry’s Mod so that I may use them. Several maps like cs_office, de_piransai, de_nuke, etc. work perfectly fine, but some others (the two I found are de_dust and de_inferno) won’t load at all, as in they’ll either crash the game at the loading screen or freeze it there with the only way to exit being Ctrl+Alt+Delete and forcing sa shutdown in the Task Manager. I have not tested all the maps yet. Is there a known reason and solution to this problem? Any ideas? Should I test all the CS maps?

(User was permabanned for this post ("warez" - postal))

Wait, what do you mean you “have the textures”? You need to actually own Counter-Strike: Source either on your Steam account or through a family share account, and have it mounted into Garry’s Mod for everything to work right.

Where did you get the textures exactly?

Same site has the maps. It does NOT have the game, just the content.

Stop being cheap and buy a good game.

If I recall correctly, that’s considered “illegal” since you don’t actually own the game, I’m 95% sure of this.
The other 5% is that I think it’s illegal for you to redistribute the content yourself, but regardless, I’d say get the game or don’t ask why things aren’t working for you (because you NEED the game).