Can't play game - TRUE LAGS (not fps - ping issue)

I bought the game yesterday and since then i barelly can’t play on any server.

Every minute or so i got some rollbacks and i’m unable to interact with items / collect etc

I have no idea why i got this since no one else got those problems

  • Not an FPS problem : got 70-90 fps
  • Not a ping problem i’m joining servers with ~50 ping
  • Not an internet problem from my side , since i never ever lag on any other game
  • Tried many differents servers and had the same problem

Plz help me i can’t enjoy this game =(

Can you ever get wood from trees?

Because if you can’t, you are probably “ghosting”. Do you use windows XP?

The same problem is happening to me!!! DAMIT!!! I don’t know if the devs are even aware of it! Check the steam forums for this game, type in ping spikes and see what happens. There are many others. And no Shavasku this doesn’t have crap to do with the wood, its all since the feb. updates.

No during those lags i can’t get woods

The same for me. Since weeks i cant play… It work 1 day…

Happen to me a couple time yesterday… I was invisible to my partner but I can still hit him with gun and hurt him, I can still kill Red and open door… but I can’t open backpack and Box.

I suicide and everything goes normal for about 15 minutes, then it start again…