Can't play Gmod because of crashes

Hello guys, I just bought GMod. I have a recent laptop on windows seven (I7, NVIDIA GTX 970M with 8Go RAM). I downloaded the texture pack (CSS) and I wanted to go on a DarkRP server. This server told me to download their addons (67 addons). So i’m just doing it and now I can’t connect to the server, it seems like I have already too many addons ? (I just have 67)
My game is crashing when i’m sending client info…

It seems like I had fps issues aswell but well I didn’t play much yet so I don’t know. (Maybe wrong graphic card?..)

What I can’t understand aswell is that my friend is playing without any issue on this server and he has a normal laptop, I mean mine is pretty much better than its.

I tried pretty much everything I found on the internet (I’m working on it for 6 hours now, I’m done now, I need some help).
I’ve tried to solve my files, to run gmod with my NVIDIA GC, to unsubscribe/resubscribe and many things…

I tried to find if there was a particular addon that makes me crash but no, it just look like it will crash when I reach a certain amount of addons…
I played with like 10 addons in their server but I can’t afford more. This is still impossible to play because a lot of things are still “ERROR”
I can play on others servers with no addons needed. I can also play in those servers (where I don’t need addons) with addons I’ve tried to installed earlier.

PS : Sorry for my English, not my native language and it’s late here :slight_smile:

Hi sorry to bother you,

Since yesterday my game crash , without reason this happened during my development server , I even reinstall the game and the game still crash , my administrators (server ) arrive to connect to the server. The game crashes when i open a menu ( props , scoreboard , F4 menu) in darkrp .
I feel it only just in multiplayer because in single player i do not crash .

My spec :

Windows 10 - 64Bits
Intel Core I5-4690K
GeForce GTX 970 4Go
16Go RAM

Crash logs :

PS: With DirectX 9 (launch option -dxlevel 90) i don’t have crash but without launch option, i have this error during this sending client info : Engine Error “failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer: nVertexCount=288, nFirstVertex=0”

I hope there is a solution because I am very annoyed to develop my server, Thanks you.

With the command -dxlevel 120 and the resolution 1280x720 the game works but when I return with resolution 1980x1080 the game crashes, and the game is horrible in 1280x720, if you have a solution I’m interested

i have noticed ALOT of 900 tier video cards mixed with windows 10 crashing

(i personally run one of these cards on 10)

the way i fixed my crashes was to set my hdr (bloom) to none in gmod settings.