cant play gmod

i am unable to play gmod as steam screws with my computer and i need help. try to find me a game with these terms.
1)needs a simmaler thing to expression thats simple (luas not working for me ethier)
2)the same point as gmod
3)downloadable content like gmod
4)cant be gmod
5)small memory space reqired

I’ve rewritten my response to this about four-(edit seven) times.
Let’s see now.

What is the problem with your Steam?
Is your dad’s computer a piece of shit?
Post system specs.

As far as I know Gmod is the the lone sandbox with some thing as advanced as expression is.


i dont know i only know that none of my steam games open and we get viral problems wen its downloaded

its your anti-virus software. It is not the game.

sorry ive tryed 5 times and its not that im telling you i need something else

Wait so you want gmod but not gmod?

What are your system specs?

If you don’t know how to get those, fuck off.
We don’t need more of your kind.

Expression 2 is also exclusive to gmod.

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your problems may be linked to:

  1. Virus problems
  2. Steam launch problems
  3. firewall problems
  4. graphics card is shit
  5. not enough RAM

well can people please stop dissing me i used to be great at gmod.
if you can find a sandbox game like it with a “SIMPLE” code like lua (yes ived tryed roblox its not working online im trying to fix it now) then let me know but those who didnt diss me about the matter (aka Ghostwork) thanks for trying :slight_smile:

Hey guess what there is nothing else like GMod, chances are your computer is shit so you can’t run GMod. This is something you can fix. Also, if you’re going to ask for help take three minutes to type properly.

if there was a rate called utterly and unnesserserely mean then id rate all of Ghostworks and Kybalts posts with them if you cannot try and cant be nice about this just piss off

Maybe WE CAN HELP You.

Give us PC specs.

sigh i dont have steam because of the memory files this computer runs with 4 people trying to do their own thing so for 1 person to be taking like half the memory isnt really allowed. if i had a laptop that could handle it id do it but it wont work

You are one completely ignorant moron, give us your fucking PC specs so we can help you. If you don’t then go fuck off.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - UberMensch))

They grow up so fast :keke:

You’re not really giving them your contribution here.

They’re trying to help you, but you kinda wont let them.

Post your PC Specs already.

2.30 GHz, 2.00 GB of ram
everything thing else is personal and could put my computer in danger