Cant play Half-Life 2 maps!

I have downloaded and installed Half-Life 2 so I can play its campaign in Garry’s Mod and when I click the maps tab can click Half-Life 2 theres only 1 map! That map is titled “Credits”. I have never had this problem any other time.

You started up Half-Life 2, correct?

Yes. And also started a new half life 2 game.

Verify your HL2. If that doesn’t work, unmount HL2, exit GMod, remount it, exit again, then try.

I also noticed you only have one HL2:DM map?

oh yeah same deal for me. I have no hl2, hl2dm, ep1, or ep2 maps, even though all of those are mounted.

Alright ill try verifying. Also yeah I noticed, I dont have HL2DM installed.

EDIT: Verifying didnt work and neither did remounting it.

Right click on HL2/EP1/EP2, click properties, go to the “betas” tab, and click “Steampipe” as the beta. Then click ok and start up the game to convert it.
Problem solved.

As for HL:DM, start it up and make sure it is converted, as that has already been converted to Steampipe about 2 weeks ago.

oh fuck, I have to do that?
but I need the sdk ;-;
fuck it I’ll just go without hl2 maps then

Ok, trying it now.

EDIT: From my crappy internet, downloading the beta is going to take awhile. :suicide: Ill mark this thread as “Solved” when I get a chance to try it out. :quagmire:

Actually, SDK is being updated to work with Steampipe games; they’re changing how it’s being distributed.

Unfortunately it’s not updated for HL2 yet (except HL2:DM).

Awesome, it worked. :smiley:

Well, sort of. I have the Half-Life 2 maps but the citizens or the metropolice dont talk and never move! At the canals part when they shoot at me they cant hit me either! Also at the gman part at the first of the game he just stands there looking in the air.

Glad you got the problem solved, as I was having the same problem since I wanted recently to play the Half-Life 2 Campaign inside of Garry’s Mod. As for the awkward NPCs the only thing I can suggest is that you make sure you don’t have “Disable Thinking” on and that it’s set up so NPCs don’t ignore you. I’ll have to see for myself.

The NPC’s still move and shoot but there bullets dont hit me and they do no damage. And sometimes just go into a T-pose and wait for me to kill them.

EDIT: Heres a video of what is happening.

That’s a glitch with the AR2 and Metro Police with pistols. It’s a known bug

Oh, Well what about the cutscene glitches? You know that part of HL2 where the combines beat you with the stunstick and alyx saves you? Well when your at that part the combine dont even come.

I have the exact same problem! The NPCs like just don’t recognize me or something. The intro was just G-Man standing there and staring into “the open” and the part where alyx saves you, there was no Alyx.

This is a GMod problem once again with Metro Police using weapons. To prove its a GMod problem, play the campaign in HL2 and it will work perfectly

the maps lag horribly now. barely get ten frames a second.

Oh and also the nova prospect level is fullbright. Hopefully Garry will fix this Half-Life 2 problem.