Can't play LAN games...

Hey everybody,

I have a legal copy of garry’s mod (the latest one), and so does my little bro. we tried to play a LAN multiplayer game (we had no internet whatsoever), and my computer makes the server and everything, but when my little bro joins it, the server shuts down and gives me an error saying “error: no steam ID” or something like that… YES both of our Gmod’s work in offline mode, and YES we have played a LAN game before (with internet).

can anybody help me?

thanks in advance! :smiley:

PS: me and my bro have seperate accounts.

Need to be signed in to steam for some reason. It can’t get the persons steam ID if they aren’t on steam.

easy question
just play WITH INTERNET in LAN.

Are you playing over a router or a Ethernet cable?

Also, it would help if you both connect to the internet at least once then go offline. It helped me when me and my friend were playing SVEN Co-op in the car.

Bump, since I have the same problem.
Is there no way to connect without steam having internet access?

I can get on the internet just fine, but Steam is blocked.

I cant remember what i did but it fixed it here is a list of what i think could have fixed it.
sv_pure 0
sv_scriptenforcer 0
sv_pure_trace 0
uninstalled assmod
Verfiyed garrys mod on both computers

As i said i don’t know what fixed it but it works now.