Cant play multiplayer ?

Hey there. I just bought Garrys Mod few days ago via steam and i have several problems about it. This is really making me mad i paid money to play this game easier and also for multiplayer with my friends. Sure to download and access But this stupid errors doesn’t let me play it. Yesterday, I could enter game but cant play multiplayer. It shows me this error;

Please help, i cant play with my friends i bought this game for multiplayer.

Any idea?

No one dont know anything? damn, why i buy this game…

Have you made sure you allowed hl2.exe for garrysmod in Windows Firewall?

That may be the problem. Not sure though.

That should work, just follow the directions from the article

I did it but still same problem. Steam beta must be running to make use of Find Servers.

Please help. I cant play multiplayer !

Wehrmacht, You can open steam servers in another way, here’s how you do it:
Right click steam down there to the right, Press Servers, then change game to garry’s mod and see if it works.

Yes with this way, i found the servers and clicked the ‘connect’ but when loading bar appears, there is another error like ’ You are in insecure mode. You must restart before you can connect to secure servers’ how to fix it ?

Hmm… I’ve never got into any of these problems. Is it like this for all Source Engine games?
If it isn’t, try reinstall your gmod. If that doesn’t work, contact Steam Support.

Yes, i tried team fortess 2 before and same problem exist. And i tried to reinstall it i mean Gmod but i couldn’t remove it exactly from my computer. I right clicked on it, and delete local content. But it doesnt remove all game, Just a little part of it. Then i press ‘install’ from library again so it starts downloading but only 141 mb downloads, I did backup before maybe this might be the problem?

Im getting the exact same problem, and got the exact error with Svens method.

Try to reinstall Steam completely. Uninstall Steam then install it again. Hopes this works!

Try putting -secure in your gmod client’s launch options, or buy the game as i suspect you HAVENT.