Can't play! Need help!

Hello guys! Very simple, when I launch rust, it dowloads all the things, and when all it’s downloaded, the game don’t begin :
I am on google chrome.
Thanks for help ! And sorry for my english '-_-

If the server is online it should load in eventually. If not the server may be offline, try connecting to other servers.

My friends are playing on this server. I will try with mozilla, but I prefer chrome :confused: .

I use chrome. The way I can tell it is working is that chrome tells me that the plugin is not responding. It asks me to cancel and I say ‘no’. The game loads shortly after. (it looks like nothing is happening, must be patient)

I wait 10 minutes and nothing hapening ! :frowning: Rust work on firefox! but chrome : 40/45 fps firefox : 10/15 fps

I’m just receiving an Unity crash after it loads to 100. Any fix for that?

I’ve the same probleme. I test differents navigator and reinstalle because my friends can play.

EDIT : Can the probleme come to graphic card ? or is unity’s crash ?

Anyone have a solution ?

Alright, so i’ve gone through the process of reading all the threads regarding the issue of not being able to log into the game. to sum it up it started with a slight confusion here as i saw the server list having people playing on the servers, where i myself are not able to join in.

Now someone said that the number of players displayed at the list was the amount of players that were on it when the server crashed, then why does the number change?.

Next ive tried the change of diffrent web browers, IE/Chrome/Firefox, which didnt seem to help.

Next was trying to join diffrent servers then ‘my own’. which didnt do it for me.

Scipio mentioned just sit it out, dont send the error report, and if the webbrowser asks you to close the page " press no" and it should eventually load - as pressing yes will make the background black,
and the face in the background will change. after a few attempts of failing miserably hard i gave up on that.

So my qeustion is, what am i doing wrong here? are people actually able to play? if so, what are they doing diffrently then i am doing right now?.

Regards, NF

EDIT: Been able to connect to the sleeper server of EU. WITH FIREFOX, NOTHING ELSE

I have the same problem. BUT. It goes past that page onto the garage one with the shadow. i cant join servers because of this? Help?

THis exact same thing happens to me so should i just sit it out?

sometimes it works, sometimes no, I don’t understand! (it works when unity error apear, and I press no )

How many threads about this topic? 500?
Just lay back and wait. They’ll fix it.