Can't play Rust experimental. keeps giving error message.

For some reason I cant play the new version of rust.
If I choose OPT out of all betas
The screen will turn dark like its booting up then it just goes back to my house screen.

If I choose to run the Experimental version and download the update it will generally show the main start screen with the wolf for like a 1/2 second then shut down.
Or the game window will open and turn white, and shut off the gam and give me the following type of error message
"Application Error
The instruction at 0x0162d708 referenced memory at 0xb5c48fdc.
The memory could not be written.

Click on OK to terminate the program."

I’ve tried the following
Basic computer restart.
Deleted local content
Uninstall/reinstall game
Clean install/download of my video card drivers.
Made sure my windows op system was up to date
Ran a malware spyware check with no results

Any help is appreciated.

Same problem here. You can get game window open but after that it make crash to desktop. After that re opening game will give “The instruction at 0x3e58dd14 referenced memory at 0x3e58dd14. The memory could not be written.”
Everything else works fine. I habe 32GB memory and 16GB of it is free. Any ideas?