Please can someone help me? I bought the game a week ago, and the game is not working, I have tried playing with all kinds of settings, I am using “fastest” now, I pass the loading screen and I can see the inventory and chat, but the game freezes and crashes.

Can someone help me? anyone playing with Mac?

Mac version is not perfect atm. My macbook pro on mavericks can run rust fine as long as I turn the grass off (grass.on false). And make sure you get a memory cleaner and clear up your memory before playing.

I am going to try it now, thanks!

Thats what you get for having a MAC

I just went to “launcher properties” on steam and added “grass.on false”.

The game freezes again on the loading screen - waiting for character.

Other suggestions?

grass.on isn’t a launch property, it’s an internal Rust console command. You open the Rust console with F1 from within the game (if you can get Rust to work at all).

Also, the launcher graphics settings aren’t really used properly. I’d set it to Great and forget about that drop-down menu; all of the graphics settings that are actually intended to work are in Rust’s in-game settings.

That’s really productive! You’re totally helping the devs out with Mac testing! Please, stop shitting these forums up.

OP: There’s a Macintosh RUST Thread… let’s keep all Mac stuff in there.

You’ll find your fix in that thread.

I didn’t know, I went to the Rust console and used the grass.on false command. I was able to join a server and play like for 10 seconds at 10fps lol and then the game crashed…

still better than before lol

I am also running Mavericks and it works fine for me.
I USED to have the waiting for character freeze but after updating the game it works fine now.
also, the console command for grass.on false doesn’t work for mac, try disabling it in your config file.
It should, however, at least get you into the game with grass on though.

Guys, get in the Mac Thread, I’ll just say it here though: FALSE has to be in ALL CAPS for grass.on FALSE to work on mac. It does work.

i set the graphics do the minimum (in game) and now i am able to play, thanks for the help!